Water Well Drilling, Repairs and Assessments

Your water is only as good as the source. Ensure that your well is properly constructed and maintained. Protect your water and protect the water we share.

New build? We do site assessments for planning board applications. Where should you put your well? Why does it matter?

Existing well, but water problems? Start at the well. 

Buying or selling a home? Does the well meet standards? Who can inspect a well?


Submersible Pump Systems

Quality brand names only sold here. From the high quality pumps to brass and stainless steel fittings, all materials throughout the entire system are built to last. Ask about constant pressure systems.

Residential, commercial, agricultural - we do it all.


Water Treatment Systems

We can treat any water! We specialize in jobs where others have failed. Whether for residential, commercial, agricultural, or seasonal, call us for stuff that works. Right.

Since we don't represent just one franchise, we are able to provide our customers with a wide variety of the highest quality water purification equipment. We use an accredited, independent laboratory for water tests. ONLY a lab can test for bacteria and much, much more. Sure, we can do a free in-house water test too, but we won't base your treatment system on that. Click on Learn More below to find out why. 

We supply and install water softeners, ozone units, iron Units, UV systems, RO units and more. We do large volume aeration-precipitation systems. Every system is customized for your water needs.

Yes! We can treat your lake water!